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Service and Support

SRICO is committed to give the best Customer support across India through SRICO Service Centres:
Product Selection, Application support, Consultancy & Technical Support:
With our Knowledgeable, experienced employees, we support our customers in choosing the right product & accessories, solutions based on application. Our team provides Technical consultancy and support to customer for an optimised solution.

After Sales Service and Technical Support
Consignment verification, Installation/commissioning, Product demonstration, Training, General maintenance, and safety precautions are explained, documented, and given to customer during the implementation of the project.

Service Partner: JULABO
We provide Service and technical support throughout India, we will inspect/troubleshoot and Service all JULABO Products. Despite the age or condition, we make every effort to ensure that your product is serviced and operational, according to the original performance specifications. JULABO products are widely known to perform, with a low cost of ownership, for many years after first installation. It's not rare to see JULABO products fully operational, even in the harshest of applications, for 20+ years. We have maintained local inventory levels on service components and spare parts for many of our products.

We provide service not only for SRICO sold products but also for those products which was supplied by OEM suppliers or for the products supplied earlier.

Preventive Maintenance: Annual Maintenance Contract/ Comprehensive Maintenance Contracts:
The product represented by SRICO are of high quality and reliability. We understand that our customers especially from production processes rely on us to provide durable product performance 24x7. SRICO offers fully customizable and standard Preventive maintenance packages that helps to ensure your instruments are looked after and maintained so that they will live up to your expectations.

We believe "Prevention is better than cure". Keeping the instruments Clean, monitored, maintained regularly can help in having service free equipment which keeps the downtime to minimum and service expenses to the lowest. More over it will be worry free for the customer. We encourage you to take up Maintenance contracts. Refer to the maintenance contract details.

IQ/OQ Documentation:
We provide IQ/OQ documentation and implementation services to our Pharma Industries. We have complete infrastructure and necessary tools and equipments which are calibrated by Accredited laboratory to implement 100% to fulfill any international standards.

Our Service department is ready and eager to provide support whenever it is required. You can expect prompt and competent service support for any concerns you may have, whether related to operations or service.

Contact Details:
Telephone: +91 80 26690801
Mobile: +91 9900055879
Email: service@srico-labworld.com

For Technical support on the product, please write with details such as the Brand Name, Model Name, Serial Number, Barcode Number with a brief description such as error message etc which helps us to provide the quick solution.