Highly Dynamic Temperature Control Systems/ Process System

Advanced control technology and a small bath fluid reservoir enable highly dynamic temperature control systems to achieve rapid heat-up and cool-down. This gives you the ability to handle difficult temperature challenges quickly.

Strong Benefits

  • Ideal for precise control of external temperature applications

  • Wide working temperature ranges using one bath fluid

  • Designed for temperature control of jacketed reaction vessels or other demanding applications

  • Designed to quickly compensate exothermic and endothermic reactions

  • Highly dynamic ICC temperature control, stability to ±0.01 °C

  • Powerful circulating pumps, select a stage or a specific pressure

  • Extended shelf life of the bath fluid

  • Hydraulically sealed to prevent unpleasant vapors and odors

  • No condensation or ice build-up

Temperature Control PRESTO


Advantages of the PRESTO series.

Ideal for highly precise, external temperature control tasks from -92 °C to +250 °C

Wide working temperature ranges using one thermal fluid

Rapid heating and cooling

Powerful circulation pumps, electronically adjustable in stages or by setting the pressure value

Heating capacity up to 36 kW

Cooling capacity up to 31 kW

Built-in 5.7’’ industrial color touchscreen

Ports for USB, Ethernet, RS232, Modbus

Alarm output

External Pt100 sensor connection

Analog connections, RS485, Profibus DP (accessory)

Second external Pt100 sensor connection for A40 and W40 (accessory)


High Temperature Circulators Forte HT


High temperature circulators of the Forte HT series are designed for temperature control in closed external systems. These compact units have a closed design that prevents the escape of oil vapors even at high temperatures.

High heating capacity up to 7 kW of power for fast heat-up times

Strong pump capacity, adjustable (with optional adapter)

Small filling volume

Cooling water connection when working at high temperatures

Wide working temperature range without changing of bath fluids

Prolonged lifetime of bath fluid

Integrates easily into mini plant installations