METHER is a high tech enterprise which is specialized in designing, manufacturing and marketing of laboratory & medical refrigerators and freezers, such as pharmacy medical refrigerators, ultra low temperature freezers, Deep freezers etc.

Ultra Low Temperature Freezers

METHER Ultra low temperature Freezers are low temperature vaccine freezers which have temperature range from -40℃ to -86℃. They have inner chamber made of stainless steel. The capacity of these ULT Freezers range from 58L to 838 L

Laboratory Deep Freezers

PROMED Laboratory Deep Freezers are for medical or hospital use which have a temperature range from -10℃ to -25 Deep Freezers have capacity varying from 100L to 936 L.

Pharmacy Medical Refrigerators

PROMED Pharmacy Refrigerators are specially designed to store medicines, vaccines, regents, and biomedical products. These refrigerators have temperature range 2 to 8. The capacity of these refrigerators vary from 60L to 1500 L.

Blood Bank Refrigerators

PROMEDBlood Bank Refrigerators are are specially designed to store blood bags and blood-derived products. These refrigerators have temperature range of 4°C±1°C . These refrigerators are available in various capacities ranging from 108L to 1008L.

Portable / Mobile/ Transport refrigerator and freezer

PROMED Portable medical refrigerators are mainly used for storage of blood sample baskets.These freezers have temperature range of 4°C to 22°C . These portable/ mobile fridge freezers are available in capacities varying from 30L to 700L