Recirculating Coolers/Chillers

JULABO recirculating coolers can handle virtually any cooling requirements in laboratories or industrial environments. Their efficiency makes them an environmentally-friendly and economical alternative to cooling with tap water. Compact models from JULABO are ideal for placement on or underneath a laboratory bench. JULABO offers several powerful models with up to 20 kW of cooling capacity for applications in industrial environments

Strong Benefits

  • Environmentally-friendly operation with low energy consumption

  • Ergonomic design and easy operation

  • Working temperature range from -25 °C to +130 °C

  • Cooling capacity of up to 20 kW

  • Splash-proof keypad

  • Large, bright LED display

  • Alarm output (potential free contact) and RS232 for virtually all models

  • Models with filling level indicator, pressure indicator

  • Higher-powered models equipped with a pressure gauge

  • Circulating pumps with flow rates up to 60 l/min and 6 bar pressure

  • Easy filling and Drain tap easily accessible

  • No side vents, instruments can be placed right next to other equipment

  • Air- and water-cooled models available

  • All wetted parts made of stainless steel or high grade plastic

FL Recirculating Coolers Series

The compact FL models are suited for a wide variety of cooling tasks. Installation under a lab bench saves valuable space.

Easy filling from above

Feed pressure indicator and filling level indicator

Large compensation volume

Circulating pumps designed for continuous operation

Permissible return temperature up to +80 °C

Low liquid level protection with visual and acoustic signals

May be used with water, water/glycol, and JULABO Thermal bath fluids

Overload protection for pump motor and cooling machine


F Compact Recirculating Coolers

JULABO F models require very little space and have very low procurement costs. Recirculating coolers of the F series are a great way to replace costly tap water and are ideal for basic cooling tasks.

Environmentally-friendly operation with low energy consumption

Compact design

Splash-proof membrane keypad with LED temperature display

Straightforward filling and draining

Filling level indicator

May be used with water, water/glycol, JULABO Thermal G